Application for bed management in your hospital

Application users

Wise Bed Manager is an application which to the customer satisfaction increases beds availability in hospitals had they 30 or 3000 beds.

Wise Bed Manager is designed for three groups of users. Each of these groups has an access to the custom module:


Unit user
"Unit user" module is a graphical user interface which acts as a bed manager for each hospital unit individually. Simple "drag-and-drop" data entry mechanism allows the unit user to admit the patient, i.e., with a single mouse click.


Hospital management
Wise Bed Manger provides hospital managements with following:

  • Overview of current bed occupancy at all levels (hospital, unit, room, bed)
  • Overview of bed occupancy over any given period
  • Statistics and analysis

Bed manager)
With module for central bed management, user can make quick and detailed search for unoccupied capacities and reservations of beds at selected units. For any action made from this module, user gets return information about execution status.

"Bed manager" module performs among the other, following operations:

  • Monitoring of available and occupied capacities for any unit
  • Patient management (adding patients, editing patient data)
  • Transfer of patients between hospital units
  • Making reservations of suitable beds according to bed characteristics and equipment
  • Review of all previous actions for hospital units.