Application for bed management in your hospital


To the customer satisfaction, quick learning process has simplified application implementation.

Wise Bed Manager will be implemented into your hospital working process quickly and easily. It consists of three steps:

  1. Technical implementation and security
  2. User training
  3. Wise Bed Manager implementation into working process

Technical implementation and safety

Wise Bed Manager software package includes the server, which will be incorporated into your hospital network. It requires web browser, which comes as a standard on most computers today.

We guarantee data access security by widely accepted international standards, such as HTTPS data encryption, data encryption on the centralized database and others.

User training

Wise Bed Manager application is easy to use, so learning it is a quick process. Given the different system users, we came up with three courses:


Unit user
This module, which allows patients assignments within the unit, uses majority of users. Course offered by instructor takes 1 hour, and is designated to a group of 10-15 participants.


  • How the system works and its benefits
  • Logging in and logging out from the application
  • User interface
  • Admission, discharge and transfer of patients
  • Changing the bed status and bed equipment
  • Special examples on using help
  • Independent work: executing 3 scenarios of application usage

Bed manager
Bed manager module is the administrative module, which has access to resources throughout the hospital and improves patient primary schedule within units. Training is offered by instructor and takes 2 hours with 1 or 2 participants.


  • The system functions and its uses
  • User interface
  • Units, rooms, and beds management
  • Admissions, discharge, and transfer of patients
  • Monitoring order implementations inside units
  • Specific examples with support from manual
  • Independent work: executing typical scenarios of application usage with admission, discharge and transfer of patient

Executive user
Executive user module is used for monitoring, and provides hospital statistical data required for analysis of hospital resources. Training is offered by instructor and takes 2 hours with 1 or 2 participants.


  • Using and viewing charts
  • Analyzing statistical data from the charts
  • Monitoring bed occupancy at the hospital
  • User interface
  • Viewing hospital resources in terms of units, rooms, and beds

Incorporating Wise Bed Manager into working process

Wise bed Manager functions only if it has correct data, that’s why incorporation into working process is a crucial part of the implementation.

Before the implementation, your hospital data including units, rooms, bed types and their equipment has been entered.

We can incorporate the system into the working process gradually, one by one unit, or all of them at once. In both cases, implementation occurs transparently without any work interruptions within the units. All required data gets gathered during one day – the daily status. When this is completed, we save all changes, and in the moment when least expected, we switch the system on, and it’s immediately ready for use.