Application for bed management in your hospital

Benefits and features of Wise Bed Manager

System of bed management makes it easy to admit patients into units, and saves time searching for available beds throughout the hospital.

10 most important benefits of Wise Bed Manager


Personal is stress-free searching for available beds, especially during emergencies.
Wise Bed Manager helps better and faster communication between unit for patient admissions, and unit where patients are being finally hospitalized.


It improves hospital financial situation.
Wise Bed Manager provides an overview of bed occupancy in hospital in any given moment.


Hospital management has increased competence in terms of communication with their respective employees, health insurance, and media.
From the obtained data about the bed occupancy Wise Bed Manager creates reports that helps planning process.


Reduces the need for inappropriate patient admissions into units due to over occupancy.
With Wise Bed Manager we have a quick access to all information required for patient scheduling and their hospitalization.


Shortens patient waiting time during an emergency.
Ease of use with the graphical data entry.


A clear overview of costs and fees related to implementation and use of Wise Bed Manager.
Software package has no hidden costs, i.e., all required equipment is included in the price of purchased license, the installation and integration into the hospital network, as well as staff training.


The equipment is easily incorporated into the working process.
Wise Bed Manager is simple and easy to use so it can be well accepted among the users.


Coordinates bed scheduling at the level of entire hospital, and allows unit staff to assign patients to specific beds.
Bed manager assigns patients to a specific unit, and the unit staff has a further control over that unit.


Reduces the number of cancellations for already scheduled patient hospital admissions due to lack of beds.
Wise Bed Manager enables more accurate allocation of beds for emergency patients based on the historical data.


Eliminates unnecessary doctor visits to remote hospital units.
Due to the lower number of inappropriate patient admissions, reduces number of visits to remote units.